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A Small Introduction........ Hopefully

Hi! My name is Robyn and I currently graduated high school during a pandemic. It was definitely an interesting way to end my K-12 education and a graduation that I for sure won't forget.

I will be attending the University of the Fraser Valley, come fall and I plan on taking a Bachelors Degree in Science, Majoring in Biology. Later on applying to Vet school, in hopefully 3.5-4 years from now. Not quite sure which school I will apply to, I am stuck between the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Guelph. I have been volunteering at The Reptile Room for about three years, and I have definitely learned a lot from Amber. I have made lots of new friends, learned so much about different snakes, lizards, isopods, rodents, amphibians and much more. The knowledge Amber has taught me will 100% help me with my journey. I do plan on volunteering at some vet clinics come August, to gain experience that is need to get into Vet school. The majority of this paragraph is about my Vet Journey and I could go on and on about it.

So here is some information about me. I am currently 17.I have two animals, a Bearded Dragon named Mr. ZZ Top and a Hamster named Ozzie Osbourne. My favourite colour is yellow. I enjoy reading, baking, sewing and animals of course! Something interesting about me is that I am Coeliac, meaning gluten- free. I was hopping this introduction would be short and sweet so, I will end here! Talk to you all later and stay tuned for another update!

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