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Those in need

As an animal lover, it's hard to see a living thing suffer. We often see animals come through the door in need of a safe place to spend their days and if we have the means they are always welcome. <3 Sometimes those animals need shelter, sometimes it's food, or attention, but more often than not its vet care. I dare say 90% of which could have been prevented by just a little knowledge or some helpful tips from our community.

The Reptile Room is soo much more than a store. It's a safe place to ask questions, and a class room to obtain knowledge.

We as a community have a responsibility to help those with questions, guide people to sources of knowledge and help those who are struggling with concepts we have already grasped. Can we not stop with the battles and consider the animals in need? No one is winning by being at war with each other.

Can we not work together to have a better support system?

I KNOW we can! The movement starts with each and every one of you.

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