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Trying New Things, Classes already and Music?

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't update last week it was kinda chaotic. Baby snakes are hatching and new animals are coming in! Not to mention the new plants! Did I tell you that I love plants? Well I do but, I don't really have a green thumb and I might over water them sometimes...... Any who starting August I will be also helping out somewhere new..... But I will keep it a surprise until then... hehehe.. ;) I am also going to be taking an herbology course/class in August which I am super excited for!!! As I can't wait to learn about the healing benefits herbs have for humans and of course animals! It will be quite interesting! This is totally of topic but, what is everyones favourite music? Leave a comment below!! I love and I mean LOVE country by fair, like Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan and of course Shania Twain! Like who doesn't love Shania?!?!?! I also love 60's-80's music...... My Bearded Dragon is named Mr. ZZ Top and hamster is named Ozzie... Anyway I could keep going on and about music so, I will keep it short! Remember to stay weird! And comment below your favourite music!!!!

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