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1 on 1 Classes

These classes include hands-on experience with one reptile of your choice. You will learn the basic husbandry of that animal and have the opportunity to hold that species from juvenile to fully grown adults.

*Available for one species or multi-species class

Classes are 1 hour each


$25 Per Person

$40 for 2 people

$50 for Family

birthday iggy.jpg

Birthday Event

1-hour presentation with 10 different species of Reptiles. Includes the top six: Bearded Dragon, Crested Gecko, Leopard Gecko, Ball Python, Corn Snake, and Boa Constrictor. Then 4 mystery animals! It Includes Goodie Bags for all the kids attending and a Special Gift for the Birthday Kid!

Starting From:


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We also do School Presentations, Daycare Presentations, and many more. Message us for more information!



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