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Delivery and Shipment

We have recently become the first Reptile Express Hub on the West Coast. This allows us to exclusively provide faster shipping options for our reptiles through the Reptile Express.

*Bugs and supplies can be shipped through Canada Post, Fed Ex, and UPS.

Reptile Express

Why do we trust the Reptile Express?

  • They have different shipping kits that cater to reptiles in all sizes. You can even add extra protection.

  • They use 1’ insulation instead of the usual 1/2’, which is more suitable in Canadian winters.

  • All of their boxes comply with the IATA regulations and have proper labels.

Get a Quotation

Know how much the shipping rate is.

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 10.06.13 PM.png

Know how much the shipping rate is per shipping option Reptile Express offers.

© Reptile Express International

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© Reptile Express International


Got questions? 


We deliver within the West Coast.

Every Tuesday to Abbotsford.

Every Friday to Chilliwack.

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