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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it bite?

Anything with a mouth can bite :) 

When an animal feels threatened, it triggers a fight or flight reaction. Depending on the animal and the situation, it can bite, but most likely it will not if the right respect is given.

How big of an enclosure does my snake need?

We follow the "L" shape rule. If the snake's body can stretch along the side of the tank with its head and tail touching the parallel corners, then the enclosure is too small. 

What is a bio active?

A bioactive enclosure is a self-sustaining ecosystem with live plants, clean-up crews, lighting, and appropriate substrate. 

My snake got out, how do I find it?

There are a few different options but I like to put flour on the floor. When the snake goes over it on the floor, it will leave a marked path. 

What are the minimum requirements for a bearded dragon?

You need both UVB and Heat bulbs providing a basking temperature of 100 degrees. You need a basking spot, a hide, and a food dish.

What snakes don't require heat?

None! In order for your snake to thrive, it requires a heat source.

What size of food should my snake eat?

Your snake should be eating a meal with the same thickness as the thickest part of its body.

Does my bearded dragon need a friend?

Bearded dragons are solitary reptiles and are more than happy in their own space. Some females can be housed with another female of similar age and size, but we don't recommend co-housing at all unless you are pairing for breeding. 

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