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The Team

This team is made up of special people who love animals, especially reptiles. They care for our animals as if they are their own. They take the time to learn and be involved. Along with educating themselves, they strive to share all they know. As unique as the team is, they are fun and connected. The team is always welcoming to new members. If you love reptiles/animals and are interested in volunteering with our fantastic team, stop by the shop to chat, register, and join us!



Amber DeGans

Owner and Founder

tig and me.jpg
Thea Van Agteren

Future Vet tech


I come here to learn, and for the animals


 Beareded Dragon Tamer


I come to the Reptile room to interact with the animals, and when I am here I know I am helping them 

I like coming here cause there is something new all the time.

I enjoy the friendly team.


Reptile enthusiast

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