Red Tail Boa

Did you know that boa constrictors give live birth?

Boas don't lay eggs! They give birth to litters called broods. They range in size from 10-65, with an average of 25 babies per litter.


 Did you know? The word "Hamster,” came from the German word “hamstern,” which means “hoard,” a favorite pastime of our hamster friends.

hamster 2021 january.jpg
Ball Pythons

Did you know that ball pythons are also known as royal pythons? This name was derived from a time where kings wore these snakes like jewelry around their necks.


Did you know that rabbits perform an athletic leap, known as a ‘binky' when they’re happy — performing twists and kicks in mid-air!

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There are over 900 species of tarantulas. These are divided into 2 groups, Old World and New World. What's the difference? Old World Tarantulas come from the eastern hemisphere: Africa, Australia (Oceania), Asia, and Europe. The New World Tarantulas come from the western hemisphere: North and South America. In addition, New World tarantulas are able to flick urticating butt hairs as a defense mechanism, while Old World Tarantulas do not have them.

Guniea Pigs

Did you know that Guinea Pigs do not come from New Guinea? They actually come from the Andes region in South America.

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Leachianus Gecko

Did you know that the leachie is the largest known gecko in the entire world?

Sugar Gliders

Did you know that Sugar Gliders are marsupials? It means that their young are carried within the pouch of the mother. These cute critters are closely related to Kangaroos and Koala Bears.

glider februuary 2021.jpg