Picture of a Queen Bee Ball Python a Snake.

The Reptile Room

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Welcome to The Reptile Room

Who We Are 

The Reptile Room consists of a dedicated team of exotic pet enthusiasts, working to provide knowledge to our community and beyond.

What We Do

We strive to provide the exotic pet community with adequate information, pet selection, and accurate housing.

Our Dreams and Goals

We dream of a united knowledge network, where questions are asked freely and suggestions or supportive feedback are given. A world where we support each other's growth individually as well as a whole.

Our goal is to provide a facility where information, supplies, animals, and learning, flood the building. To build a network of resources so our captive pets can thrive and education can be shared. Most importantly, change the world's perspective on exotic pets. Prove that with knowledge, we can keep these species so the next generations have the same opportunities or better, to learn about and witness these magnificent creatures. In short, to simply "take over the world."

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A Leachie Gecko, named Yin. He is a mossy green colour.

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I am a volunteer for the reptile room! I choose to spend my time taking care of the animals that live here, whether they're scaled or fluffy. The staff and volunteers are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely make The reptile room my choice for all my pets needs.


After meeting amber and her staff and getting to know them over the past few months I've come to see a love and passion for the reptile world that isnt found in many places anymore, the care and attention to details is hands down some of the best I've ever seen. I won't shop anywhere else for my repti friends and recomend the reptile room to everyone I meet in my reptile travels


The reptile room is an awesome shop for all your pet needs and the staff are very educated and helpful with any and all questions. Recommend them 10 outta 10!!!


I want to spread the word about a wonderful little locally owned business in our town of Chilliwack! The Reptile room is full of unique and interesting creatures and the amazing owner Amber is a wealth of knowledge to help you choose and care for your new family addition! Everyone is warm and helpful with a smile of their face, proudly showing you their passion for the various creature in the shop. Amber is one of the hardest, most dedicated working business owners I know . Please check out all she has to offer. I love to see a locally owned business have the support of the community and she deserves all the success ! ❤️